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Did you know that where and how you purchase Christian books affects your local Christian bookstore? Here's how you can help our Christian bookstores to flourish in our communities.

Three Ways to Support

Your Local Brick and Mortar Bookstore Location

Buy Local

Imagine not being able to find a Christian bookstore in your area. Sure, you could visit a library or a regular bookstore, but you will not find the same selection or service. Brick and mortar Christian bookstores need you. They cannot flourish and remain in local locations without your help. Instead of buying your next Christian book on Amazon, search for it at your local Christian bookstore. This could mean a sacrifice of time and money on your part, but if the church stops supporting, the ultimate sacrifice will be a loss of our local Christian bookstores in neighborhoods across the country and beyond. This can also affect a local Christian author's ability to host an event such as a book signing or reading and benefit from the regular believer traffic of a Christian bookstore. Job losses and Christian book "shelf space" are other things to consider as this impacts future generations. 

Some may deny that Amazon is an issue, but it is a well-known fact that Borders Bookstores, Family Christian Stores, Cokesbury Bookstores, and now Lifeway have collapsed. This does not mean that Amazon is bad, it means that buyers habits have changed. Some say it is because people are buying online. Buying online is not the problem because most of these businesses had an online presence and if people bought from them directly, they would not suffer. However, when a person buys from Amazon, it can cut the bookstore, author, and publisher profits. Therefore, this is not about fear-mongering, but rather the truth in which a gravitating action is producing an unfavorable result. The publishing industry as a whole has been disgruntled about this for a while. This is not new to anyone who has kept their ears to the publishing ground. It is time for Christians to understand the problem and take steps to reverse it by taking a moment to consider the ramifications of disappearing, walk-in Christian bookstore locations. If you do not want that to happen, simply support the cause; free buttons are below. Read IndieBound's Spotlight on Amazon for additional facts.

It is important to note that many self-published Christian authors only sell on Amazon and direct from their own websites. This does not hurt a Christian bookstore because they are not competing with bookstore sales and pricing. However, Christian authors who do that may want to explain that their book sales do not compete with brick and mortar.

Be an Influencer

If you are a published Christian author or illustrator, train your buyers to head to Christian bookstore links first. Teach them why it is important to keep our local Christian bookstores readily available for walk-in events and general foot traffic from the people in our area. People love to be involved in a cause that means something to their communities.

If you came to this page from an "I support Christian bookstores BUY LOCAL" button, the Christian who posted it on their website is a loyal supporter of brick and mortar Christian bookstore locations.

Support Local Christian Bookstore Events

Support your local Christian bookstore. Sign up to local Christian bookstore emails and try to stay involved in their events. Talk to your church groups about the importance of supporting the Christian publishing industry that in turn supports Christian authors and illustrators who feed our society and Christian schools and homeschoolers with good content.


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